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Fee Structure

We take a 10% dynamic fee

Payout schedule

We pay the rewards every cycle

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You are only assigning your baking rights to Tezos Panda as delegator. You are not giving us your XTZs and we do not require your private keys. With reliable delegation service the only risk is the security of your private keys, same as with no delegation at all.

Our fee is 10%. We are using so called "dynamic" payout model which means that you get whatever you earn with your delegation minus our fee. Currently not all XTZ owners use delegation therefore current earnings are greater than 5.5% inflation rate in Tezos network.

Your earnings will look like this:

(Block Rewards + Endorsement Rewards + Block Fees)
* (100% - fee) * (Your Delegated Balance / Total Staking Balance)

Soon we’ll introduce a dashboard where you will be able to track your rewards.

You can do it using TezBox online wallet following this instructions.
TezBox is a community developed wallet for the Tezos network that is cross-platform, open-source and decentralized.

Advanced users can prefer delegation using Tezos command line and Ledger Nano S wallet. You can find detailed instructions here.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help on the delegation process.

Yes, it is possible to be a baker if your stake is greater than 10 000 XTZ.

However, running a baking node requires technical skills, appropiate hardware infrastructure and security configuration.

And with a large stake you probably would not want to associate your real IP address with Tezos node address. You will also be required to provide a 8.25% Tezos security bond to follow the Tezos baking rules. You can lose this bond in case of baking issues.

By delegating your XTZ to Tezos Panda you will still have full control of your XTZ’s without the need of running the node on your own.

You can also review this article for more details on the matter: Benefits and Risks of Home Baking.

No, your tokens remain in your wallet. You’re just giving Tezos Panda permission to bake for you. At any time you can spend or transfer your funds. Also you can always change your delegate.

Tezos Panda schedule is to pay out delegation awards every cycle when rewards are delivered to the baker.

With the current economic rules of the Tezos protocol, baking power is calculated in the snapshot of N-7 cycle. For the next 5 cycles rewards are locked by Tezos. So the first payment will be done after 12 cycles following delegation cycle.

If at some point you will decide to switch to the other delegation service you’ll receive from us payments for all cycles you were with Tezos Panda.

Yes, currently the minimum payment threshold is set at 1 XTZ. If the reward for a given period is less than this amount, it will be accounted in the next period. This clause is to prevent possible spam low-notional transactions when administrative costs and our transfer fee make such delegations economically unprofitable.

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About us

Tezos Panda is the team of professionals with IT / Investment banking background and early adopters of crypto world.
We concentrate on providing a reliable and secure delegation service.

Our goal is to contribute to the Tezos ecosystem and transform delegation into something transparent, simple and profitable.
You can use our delegation service as an alternative to running your own node.

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